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St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

25 May is the feast day of Carmelite nun St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi.  She was born Catarina de Pazzi on 2 April 1566 in Florence into a pious, aristocratic family.  She was attracted to prayer and solitude from an early age and resolved to become a nun. At 16, she entered the Carmelite monastery of St Mary of the Angels in Florence, choosing this particular monastery because the nuns there received Holy Communion daily, a rare privilege at that time. She was given the name Sr Mary Magdalen and made her Profession of vows after only a year due
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St Simon Stock

16 May is the feast day of the only canonised British Carmelite Saint – St Simon Stock (also known as St Simon of England.)  Little is known of his early life but during the 1250s he became Prior General of the Carmelite Order at a crucial time of transition.  Around 20 years previously, the hermit brothers of Mount Carmel had taken the decision to move from the besieged Holy Land to Europe, involving a radical change of lifestyle from hermits to mendicant friars.  At the General Chapter held at Aylesford in 1247 they agreed to make changes to the Rule,
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