St. Margaret’s Carmel, Malta, has a three hundred year history, and is one of the few Carmels not founded from another community. Two priests in 1726 provided support for a group of young girls wanting to become Carmelites. In 1731 a decree from Rome recognised the group as a Third Order of the Discalced. The famous Knights of St. John were among their early benefactors. A small monastery was built near a chapel dedicated to St. Margaret – hence its name of St. Margaret’s Convent. In 1739 a further decree gave the Carmel the status of Discalced Carmelite Nuns.

In 1967 the community came under the jurisdiction of the Order and since then the sisters have enjoyed a close relationship with the friars, whose historic church, founded in 1626, was the first to be dedicated to St Teresa; it is within walking distance of St Margaret’s Convent.

The Carmel has been associated with the British Carmels since 2002, and became a full member of the Association in January 2019.

Discalced Carmelite Nuns
St. Margaret’s Monastery
Cospicua Square
BML 1360

Tel: 21820558